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bullet is a girl that is half dell honne half noel vermillion and is a fighter in (real life ) as the panting of her drawings this is her dream to become a voyakiloid


Bullet is a member of a mercenary force who appears to be against Sector Seven. Having been raised by mercenaries since she was young, she fights from one battlefield to another.


Bullet has a candid attitude and she doesn't sweat small details. She is the type to always keep a promise to someone no matter what. She is slightly ignorant of the world around her due to her upbringing in an all-male environment. Aside from the battle knowledge she's acquired, she doesn't know much. She is always ready to fight and usually applies her knowledge of the battlefield to everything. She is also aggressive, but has a 'big sis' sort of appearance. and she sings to the fight along with glad in the air!


Bullet's physical appearance is that of a young woman with white hair, golden eyes, dark skin, large breasts and a scar across her nose. She wears a black jacket with a white button-up tee and short shorts, along with knee high black and white heeled boots.

Powers and AbilitesEditEdit

Bullet's drive is Lockon. Drive attacks allow her to quickly rush at her opponent and grab them, provided that she is close enough to the opponent. A heat system is implied with the drive attacks.

During her Over-Drive Heat the Beat, Bullet is temporarily in an infinite "Heat Up" state. and over power them with her singing

Introduced: 9,23,2012




Gender: Female



Series type:Voyakiloid

Voice:Dell Honne//Noel Vermillion

Chara item:fighting and singing

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